Young Arts News September 2018

Bursary Activity for September 2018

As we approach the start of new ADFAS season, your Committee is very pleased to report that we have had an extremely successful year on the Young Arts front.

Within the last twelve months we have supported young artists in the Dacorum area with grants totalling £3,250. This sum has been generated by recovering the Gift Aid on our members’ subscriptions – something we are able to do as a result of being one of a minority of societies within The Arts Society orbit to be a Registered Charity.

Included in these figures are:

 * Three bursaries to successful A-level Arts students starting further study at College

 * Support for Art Departments at three local schools in the area

        > Potten End Primary School – Art materials

        > Tring School - Easels

        > John F Kennedy School, Hemel Hempstead – ongoing materials for the printing press ADFAS funded last year

 * Dumfries House Youth Training Scheme – Glasgow (following our annual residential visit earlier this year when we were impressed by their work)

 * Financial Support to the annual Dacorum Young Artists exhibition

We thought that you would like to see some of the art work carried out in school and outside by the beneficiaries of the three Bursaries provided by ADFAS this summer - Evie, Francesca and Joseph. 

These are the student's choices and their words.

Evie's work (JFK School)

Now looking forward to starting her course in Fine Arts after successfully completing her A-Levels at John F Kennedy School, here is material from Evie:-

Most of my work focuses on the human form, as it is the subject I find most interesting and relatable.   During my project in A-levels however, I wanted to look at the destruction of the human form within the project title of symbiosis - looking as parasitism closely, as I was extremely interested in looking at the subversion of standardised, controlled beauty.

From this I wanted to investigate teenage culture, most specifically the addictions of adult life that manifest in teenage-hood.   Using the work of photographers, designers and artists alike, I completed my project using many different artistic methods, such as paintings, drawings, graphic illustrations and collage, their variety mimicking the exact chaos of teenage culture and addiction that I so wanted to capture.

Furthering my artwork past my A levels, I hope to continue to play with different mediums and explore artistic processes that I have not yet discovered.

     1   EH 03      2   EH 07     

    3    EH 04       4  FD 06     

    5   EH 08     6  EH 09

         7    EH 06

 EH 10   EH 11   EH 12    

   8                                      9                                       10

     11   EH 13

              12     EH 15    Rauschenberg Response


Francesca's work (JFK School)

Another student from this year's A-Level Art candidates from John F Kennedy School, Francesca, is off to study Graphic Arts at Southampton University and has kindly provided some of her work for ADFAS to display here.

Throughout my A Level course I focused on various themes including natural forms, violence and for my final project, I explored the notion of sections.

Within this, I explored childhood nostalgia through the symbolism of retro sweets and the distortion of these memories and feelings as an individual matures.  Along with this, I also looked at the impact of bee extinction upon human life - something that we don’t always think about and may take for granted.

For these projects, I decided to focus more on painting as this is something I have previously not been confident with and wanted to improve on, as well as elements of collage and mixed media. These techniques were inspired by many artists such as Tom Phillips and Sarah Graham. 
Recently I have started exploring digital art and graphic illustration, this is something that I hope to improve on at my time in university as well as continuing to experiment with both traditional and new methods.


       1  FD 01         2  FD 09

                           3   FD 03      

                 4  FD 04   

                                         5   FD 05        

              6   FD 07     7    FD 08 

                               FD 02

    9   FD 11 nude neeling small   10  FD 10 nude  

                                11    FD 12a tree 

Joseph's work (Tring School)

    JB 01 medium Image from the Pop-up exhibition kindly mounted by Tring School at the July ADFAS Evening talk. 

Photograph courtesy of an ADFAS Member.

Our last Bursary recipient for this session is Joseph who brilliantly secured an unconditional place at The Royal Drawing School (previously known as The Prince's Drawing School) in Hackney where he is already well into his course work.   This is a skills-based art foundation course which has an impressive reputation in the art world.   Here is some of his work together with a brief description of the techniques involved.

JB 01 small   1    Mono print depicting a Chinese styled street.

This image is made by first rolling the ink on to the metal plate to which a piece of paper is laid on top.

Then you draw on to the paper picking up the ink underneath. 

                       JB 02 small    2    Life painting created in oils using only 10 coloured tones.

Thin oils were used to create the basic sketch, then oils were applied thickly to build the image.

The idea was to build an image with limited colour to get the best idea of tone and compromising on details for a better understanding.

JB 03 small   3   The final image of the Thames in London is a print created using hard point, and soft ground and hard ground etching.

* Hard point is scratching into a surface.

* Hard ground is adding a ground to a surface using heat to melt the ground on, letting it dry and then scratching away the ground, this is then put into an acid bath where the exposed lines are etched.

* Soft ground is the same, however the ground added is more fragile and paper is put over the ground and drawn on to get a more pencil effect.

My design uses all the three techniques as well as two coloured inks.